Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scarlett's Fresh, Summer-Friendly Cut at Comic-Con

Scarlett Johansson debuted a fresh, summer-friendly hair cut at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, snipping her blonde locks into a not-so-typical bob.

So what’s the story behind Scarlett’s tousled cut? With the help of Oribe, Scarlett Johansson’s long locks were transformed into a jagged, mid-length bob style. “It’s very modern…cut into a really jagged line at the bottom,” says Oribe. “It’s a combination of Brigitte Bardot in the front…and ‘90s style Christy Turlington at the bottom.”

This versatile hair cut can part in any direction. If your clients want the look, keep the cut below the chin for more versatility. The front should be closer to the collarbone, and the hair should be left long enough to put up. Oribe advises, "A sharper bob can work on both curly, wavy hair textures and fine, straighter hair. If you have more natural wave, make the cut less jagged so you can keep the line very strong. You can tailor the layering to work with your texture to keep it feeling fresh." 

Here’s how you can get the look on your clients:
  1. When your client goes home to style by themselves, tell them to air dry their hair. “You can dry your hair upside down, but don’t touch it with a blow-dryer,” recommends Oribe.
  2. Create some wave. If your client has naturally wavy texture, work with it…or for straighter hair like Scarlett’s, rely on products for help. For this look, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray was used. “It adds volume and texture even on hair that doesn’t have much curl.” Use Dry at the root, or even through the hair shaft for lift.
  3. Though the cut is versatile and can be worn straight, polished into a retro style or swept into an updo, Scarlett opted for more curl. “You can use a curling iron on the mid-shaft of your hair, leaving the ends out,” says Oribe. “The key is to keep some degree of straightness, but add enough movement to make the style fresh and modern for summer.”