Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Google Gets the OK from Apple

google-apple-voiceChances are the guys over at Google are pretty excited at the moment – and maybe even a little relieved. Apple has finally and officially accepted Google Voice applications for the iPhone. The applications include GV Mobile and GV Connect, and should be coming to the iPhone App Store very soon.The news comes almost one and a half years after Apple dismissed the possibility of both official and third-party apps for Google Voice. Google Voice is becoming increasingly popular, with almost 2 million users utilizing the service to date, and it shows no sign of diminishing. The added ease and convenience that Google Voice offers is simply to good to ignore.Back in June 2009, Google submitted a version of Google Voice for the iPhone, but Apple never got round to approving it. Sources say that Apple has never officially rejected the app, it just never approved it. This has led people to wonder what the difference was between the iPhone version and that of Android’s.Well, the difference (if any) will be seen soon enough, now that the iPhone will have its very own version of Google Voice. The reconsideration could possibly be a result of increased FCC criticism and questioning of the three leading communications giants – Apple, Google, and AT&T.It looks as though GV Mobile will be sold via the iTunes web store for about $2.99 per download, which is a pretty standard price for that type of app. Just like Google’s original version, the app will support automatic transcription of voicemail, in addition to most of its other features as well.