Thursday, September 2, 2010

Google Mobile Gets All New YouTube Channel

Google Mobile Gets All New YouTube Channel: "

Google-Cube-YoutubeIf you grew up in the 70s, you’ll certainly be aware of the Rubik’s Cube. If you’re not sure what a Rubik’s Cube is or are wondering why on earth we’re discussing it, just head to the new Google Mobile YouTube channel. They’ve given the channel a cool new look with an interactive video box that rotates over multiple axes, allowing you to find more and more videos with each turn.

So what is this channel all about, anyway? Google Mobile, of course!

The “featured” section of the Google Mobile YouTube channel explores the capabilities of Google’s mobile search, including (but certainly not limited to) sight, location, and voice. The section simply allows you to learn how to really use your phone and take advantage of the technology that’s available in the palm of your hand. We think that the video aspect of these informative tutorials will really help those of you that are completely new to mobile searching.

It’s easy to navigate through this channel – simply select which videos you’d like to see by clicking on it, or on the next/previous buttons. You can even fast-forward or rewind through the videos themselves. This new navigation box allows you to check out all the latest videos at a glance, or sort them based on app or mobile platform. It’s really quite versatile.

You can also share videos more easily with the most popular social networking sites, or via the old-fashioned method of e-mail. Just remember, if you are subscribed to the old Google Mobile YouTube channel, you have to subscribe to this new one separately – the subscription won’t carry over.

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