Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Chrome Now You’re Version 6

Happy Birthday Chrome Now You’re Version 6: "
Last week Google Chrome celebrated its second birthday, so to celebrate Google has officially rolled out Chrome 6. Happy birthday! For many PC and Mac users, Chrome has been the browser of choice, especially now that it is more stable than ever before. While many other web browsers keep adding great features, Chrome has been adding them faster.
What does the official roll out of Chrome 6 mean to the world? Well, though many people have been using it in dev or beta, the official launch means that it is finally ready for mass consumption.
Just a reminder – a lot of people didn’t take Google’s announcement of Chrome two years ago seriously when they first shared the news via comic. But Google has really shown us what they can do in a browser, and we like it. Though it looks a lot like the original version, it’s gotten a whole lot faster – about 3 times as fast as before.
In addition to improved speed, Chrome 6 also has a lot more features and extensions, but still maintains that same feeling of being a lightweight browser (compared to the bulkier Firefox and Internet Explorer). It looks as though Chrome 6 will give competing browsers a run for their money. We’re looking forward to the grand opening of the Chrome Web Store in the next few months and the Chrome OS launch at the end of the year.
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