Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monroe place Apartments Atlanta Ga 30324 SUCKS

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Monroe Place Apartments suck
Let me see where do I start with this run down apartments. I know lets start with the lazy team that works in the office. My water bill was $ 150 last month the month before was $ 180 every month before that was $ 49 they said that the $180 and $150 was a mistake and they would fix it well guess what they haven't . So when I paid rent this month I told the lazy bitchy team that works in the office that one of my blinds was broke she said I could go buy new blinds and they would put them up. I told her hell no I rent you should fix them She sad that they will come by and tape them with tape. 
Six month ago I put a work order in for a leak in my dishwasher I wonder when they are going to fix it.
Now let's talk about the crime there has been 6 cars stolen here the last year. 10 apartment break ins and a dumpster fire .This is new as of Oct 9 2010 there was another car stolen . As long as I live here I will keep google maps updated